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Фразеологизмы со словом way

all the way
the whole way
go all the way with
From start to finish during the whole distance or time.
Jack climbed all the way to the top of the tree.
Joe has played the whole way in the football game and it's almost over.
In complete agreement; with complete willingness to satisfy. Often used in the phrase "go all the way with".
I go all the way with what George says about Bill.
Mary said she was willing to kiss Bill, but that did not mean she was willing to go all the way with him.
The bank was willing to lend Mr. Jones money to enlarge his factory but it wasn 't willing to go all the way with his plans to build another in the next town.
any old how
any old way
Doing something in a casual, haphazard, or careless way.
"John," the teacher said, "you can't just do your homework any old way; you must pay attention to my instructions!"
back away
To act to avoid or lessen one's involvement in something; draw or turn back; retreat.
The townspeople backed away from the building plan when they found out how much it would cost.
blast away
To scold or protest violently.
Pictures posted on the group's website show rows of men lying face down in trenches while their executioners blast away.
blow away the cobwebs
Стряхнуть пыль; почувствовать себя живее и бодрее.
Let's get out of the house. A walk on the beach will blow away the cobwebs!
Давайте выйдем из дома. Прогулка по пляжу хорошо проветривает!
break away
break loose
To liberate oneself from someone or something.
Jane tried to break loose from her attacker, but he was too strong.
During the bad storm, the boat broke loose from the landing and drifted out to sea.
One bicyclist broke loose from the pack of racers and pulled ahead towards the finish line.
by the way
by the bye
Just as some added fact or news; as something else that I think of. Used to introduce something related to the general subject, or brought to mind by it.
We shall expect you; by the way, dinner will be at eight.
I was reading when the earthquake occurred, and, by the way, it was The Last Days of Pompeii that I was reading.
Movies are my favorite form of entertainment. Oh, by the way, have you seen the new picture that’s playing at the Bijou?
Vera’s been divorced for three years now. She told me, by the way, that she never plans to remarry.
by way of
For the sake or purpose of; as.
By way of example, he described his own experience.
Through; by a route including; via.
He went from New York to San Francisco by way of Chicago.