English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом watch

bear watching
To be worth watching or paying attention to; have a promising future.
That young ball player will bear watching.
To be dangerous or untrustworthy.
Those tires look badly worn; they will bear watching.
keep an eye on
bird watcher
A person whose hobby is to study birds close-up in their outdoor home.
A bird watcher looks for the first robin to appear in the spring.
clock watcher
A worker who always quits at once when it is time; a man who is in a hurry to leave his job.
When Ted got his first job, his father told him to work hard and not be a clock watcher.
keep watch
To be vigilant; be alert; guard.
The police have asked the neighborhood to keep watch against an escaped convict.
look out
watch out
look out for
watch out for
To take care; be careful; be on guard. Usually used as a command or warning.
These idioms can occur with the preposition for.
"Look out!" John called, as the car came toward me.
"Look out for the train," the sign at the railroad crossing warns.
"Look out!" Jeffrey cried as his friend almost stepped in a big hole in the ground.
Look out for reckless drivers whenever you cross the street.
Small children should always watch out for strangers offering candy.
To be alert or watchful; keep watching.
A collector of antique cars asked Frank to look out for a 1906 gas head lamp.
There were signs along the highway warning drivers to look out for deer crossing.
eye outon the watch
To watch or keep (a person or thing) and do what is needed; provide protection and care. Used with "for".
Lillian looked out for her sister's children one afternoon a week.
Uncle Fred looked out for his brother's orphan son until the boy was through college.
look after
on the watch
Alert; watchful.
The customs inspector was on the watch for diamond smugglers.
Mary was on the watch for bargains at the auction.
eye outlook out
pinch pennies
watch every penny
penny pinching
Not spend a penny more than necessary; be very saving or thrifty.
When Tom and Mary were saving money to buy a house, they had to pinch pennies.
Bob saved enough money by penny-pinching to buy a bicycle.
watch it
To be careful. Usually used as a command.
You'd better watch it. If you get into trouble again, you'll be expelled.
Watch it - the bottom stair is loose!