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Словосочетания со словом war

all is fair in love and war
В любви и на войне все средства хороши.
All is fair in love and war the man thought when he asked his colleague for a date.
В любви и на войне все способы хороши, думал мужчина, когда приглашал свою коллегу на свидание.
all-out war
Total war including civilian casualties as opposed to a war that is limited only to armies.
Hitler was waging an all-out war when he invaded Poland.
awkward age
Adolescence; awkwardness during adolescence.
Sue used to be an "ugly duckling" when she was at the awkward age, but today she is a glamorous fashion model.
backward and forward
backwards and forwards
To the full extent; in all details; thoroughly; completely.
He understood automobile engines backwards and forwards.
He knew basketball rules backwards and forwards.
I explained matters to him so that he understood backwards and forwards how it was.
battle of nerves
war of nerves
A contest of wills during which the parties do not fight physically but try to wear each other out.
It has been a regular battle of nerves to get the new program accepted at the local state university.
been in the wars
been through the wars
Видавший виды; что-то что долго использовалось и за чем, возможно, был плохой уход.
He arrived in a car that looked as if it had been in the wars.
Он приехал на машине, которая выглядела, будто побывала на войне.
bench warmer
A substitute player.
Last year Ted was only a bench warmer, but this year he is the team's star pitcher.
bend over backward
lean over backward
To try so hard to avoid a mistake that you make the opposite mistake instead; do the opposite of something that you know you should not do; do too much to avoid doing the wrong thing; also, make a great effort; try very hard.
Instead of punishing the boys for breaking a new rule, the principal bent over backward to explain why the rule was important.
Mary was afraid the girls at her new school would be stuck up, but they leaned over backward to make her feel at home.