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Фразеологизмы со словом walk

all walks of life
All socioeconomic groups; all professions and lines of work.
A good teacher has to be able to communicate with students from all walks of life.
A clever politician doesn't alienate people from any walk of life.
See also:
A section manager in a department store.
To exchange this pair of shoes, you must first get the floorwalker's approval.
walk a tightrope
To be in a dangerous or awkward situation where one cannot afford to make a single mistake.
"When we landed on the moon in 1969," Armstrong explained, "we were walking a tightrope till the very end."
walk away with
walk off with
To take and go away with; take away; often: steal.
When Father went to work, he accidentally walked off with Mother's umbrella.
How can a thief walk off with a safe in broad daylight?
To take, get, or win easily.
Jim walked away with all the honors on Class Night.
Our team walked off with the championship.
walking dictionary
A person highly knowledgeable in matters of language use.
If you want to know what "serendipity" means, ask my Uncle Fred. He is a professor of English and is also a walking dictionary.
walking encyclopedia
A polymath; a person very well versed in a number of different disciplines.
My uncle is a veritable walking encyclopedia when it comes to the history of World War II.
walking papers
walking orders
walking ticket
A statement that you are fired from your job; dismissal.
The boss was not satisfied with Paul's work and gave him his walking papers.
George is out of work. He picked up his walking ticket last Friday.
walk of life
Way of living; manner in which people live.
Many rich people have yachts; people in their walk of life can afford them.
The banker did not want his son to marry a girl in a different walk of life.
People from every walk of life enjoy television.