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Фразеологизмы со словом wait

A small elevator for carrying food, dishes, etc., from one floor to another in hotels, restaurants, or large homes.
The banquet was delayed because the dumbwaiter broke down and the food had to be carried upstairs by hand.
lie in wait
To watch from hiding in order to attack or surprise someone; to ambush.
The driver of the stage-coach knew that the thieves were lying in wait somewhere along the road.
play a waiting game
To withhold action until one's chances for success improve.
Ждать подходящего момента не предпринимая никаких действий.
Ray would like to be vice president of the company so he is playing a waiting game in the hope that the president will soon recognize his abilities.
The cat kept its eyes on the bird, carefully playing a waiting game.
Кошка не сводила глаз с птицы, осторожно выжидая удобного момента.
wait at table
wait on table
wait table
wait tables
To serve food.
Подавать еду (в кафе или ресторане).
Mrs. Lake had to teach her new maid to wait on table properly.
The girls earn spending money by waiting at table in the school dining rooms.
To earn some pocket money Tina was waiting tables in the college cafeteria.
Чтобы заработать немного карманных денег, Тина подавала еду в столовой колледжа.
waiting list
A list of persons waiting to get into something (as a school).
The nursery school enrollment was complete, so the director put our child's name on the waiting list.
The landlord said there were no vacant apartments available, but that he would put the Rogers' name on the waiting list.
waiting room
The sitting area in a doctor's, lawyer's, accountant's, etc. office, or in a hospital, or other workplace, where people wait their turn.
Some doctor's offices have elegantly furnished waiting rooms with magazines, newspapers, and coffee for the patients.
wait on
wait upon
To serve.
Sue has a summer job waiting on an invalid.
The clerk in the store asked if we had been waited upon.
A very pleasant young clerk waited on me in that shop.
The restaurant waitress asked us, "Has anyone waited on you yet?"
To visit as a courtesy or for business.
We waited upon the widow out of respect for her husband.
John waited upon the President with a letter of introduction.
To follow.
Success waits on hard work.
wait on hand and foot
wait on one's hand and foot
To serve in every possible way; do everything for (someone).
Делать всё возможное (для кого-либо);, служить верой и правдой.
Sally is spoiled because her mother waits on her hand and foot.
The gentlemen had a valet to wait on him hand and foot.
Moira is a spoiled child because her parents wait on her hand and foot.
Мойра испорченный ребенок, потому что ее родители делают все возможное для нее.