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Словосочетания со словами up against

gang up on
gang up against
To jointly attack someone, either physically or verbally; take sides in a group against an individual.
The class bully was stronger than all the other boys, so they had to gang up on him to put him in his place.
Compare:line up
rub up against
To come into contact with.
In that business one naturally has to rub up against all kinds of people.
up against it
Faced with a great difficulty or problem; badly in need.
The Smith family is up against it because Mr. Smith cannot find a job.
You will be up against it if you don't pass the test. You will probably fail arithmetic.
up against
run up against
Blocked or threatened by.
Столкнуться с трудностями; находиться в угрожающем положении.
When she applied to medical school, the black woman wondered whether she was up against barriers of sex and race prejudice.
Dorothy was up against it because she hadn’t passed her test in Math.
Дороти столкнулась с неприятностями, потому что она не сдала экзамен по математике.