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Фразеологизмы со словами turn out

turn out all right
Завершиться, закончиться удачно.
At first they thought that their offer would not be accepted but it turned out all right.
Поначалу они думали, что их предложение не будет принято, но всё закончилось благополучно.
turn out
To make leave or go away.
His father turned him out of the house.
If you don't behave, you will be turned out.
throw out
To turn inside out; empty.
He turned out his pockets looking for the money.
Robbers turned out all the drawers in the house in a search for jewels.
To make; produce.
The printing press turns out a thousand books an hour.
Sally can turn out a cake in no time.
Martin turns out a poem each week for the school paper.
To get out of bed.
At camp the boys had to turn out early and go to bed early too.
turn in
To come or go out to see or do something.
Everybody turned out for the big parade.
Many boys turned out for football practice.
fall out
To prove to be; be in the end; be found to be.
The noise turned out to be just the dog scratching at the door.
Her guess turned out to be right.
Everything turned out all right.
Most parents wonder how their children will turn out as adults.
To make (a light) go out.
Please turn out the lights.
turn off