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Словосочетания со словами turn in

turn in one's grave
turn over in one's grave
To be so grieved or angry that you would not rest quietly in your grave.
Перевернуться в гробу; быть настолько сварливым, что не найти покоя даже в могиле.
If your grandfather could see what you're doing now, he would turn over in his grave.
If your grandfather could see how you're wasting his money, he would turn over in his grave.
Если бы твой дедушка мог видеть как ты транжиришь его деньги, он бы в гробу перевернулся.
turn in
To give to someone; deliver to someone.
I want you to turn in a good history paper.
When the football season was over, we turned in our uniforms.
To inform on; report.
She turned them in to the police for breaking the street light.
To give in return for something.
They turned in their old money for new.
We turned our car in on a new model.
Synonym:trade in
To go to bed.
We were tired, so we turned in about nine o'clock.
Contrast:turn out