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Словосочетания со словами throw out

throw out of gear
To separate the gears of (a car or some other machine) when you want to stop it.
When John wanted to stop, he threw the car out of gear and braked sharply.
To stop or bother (what someone is doing or planning); confuse; upset.
The whole country was thrown out of gear by the assassination of the President.
My mother's illness threw my plans for the summer out of gear.
throw out
toss out
To put somewhere to be destroyed because not wanted.
He didn't need the brush anymore so he threw it out.
Instead of throwing out our paper waste in the office, we should recycle it.
Synonym:throw away
To refuse to accept.
The inspector tossed out all the parts that didn't work.
The judge threw the case out because there was insufficient evidence to try the defendant successfully.
To force to leave; dismiss.
When the employees complained too loudly, the owner threw them out.
When a fight broke out between two people on the dance floor, the management threw them out.
To cause to be out in baseball by throwing the ball.
The shortstop tossed the runner out.