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Фразеологизмы со словами the picture

out of the picture
No longer a possibility or in the running; rejected.
Mark assured Carol that his ex-wife was completely out of the picture.
put one in the picture
To inform someone of all the facts about a given situation.
Сообщать кому-либо полную информацию о ситуации.
Once you're back from your overseas trip, we'll put you in the picture about recent developments at home.
Let me put you in the picture about what happened during your absence.
Давай я просвещу тебя по поводу того, что случилось в твое отсутствие.
the picture
get the picture
The way things are or were; the facts about something; the situation; what happened or happens.
Where does Susan come into the picture.
When you are looking for a job your education enters into the picture.
Old Mr. Brown is out of the picture now and his son runs the store.
After the fight on the playground, the principal talked to the boys who were watching, until he got the whole picture.