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Словосочетания со словом teeth

armed to the teeth
Having all needed weapons; fully armed.
The paratroopers were armed to the teeth.
by the skin of one's teeth
By a narrow margin; with no room to spare; barely.
The drowning man struggled, and I got him to land by the skin of my teeth.
She passed English by the skin of her teeth.
cut teeth
cut one's eye-teeth on
cut one's eye teeth on
cut eye teeth
To have teeth grow out through the gums.
The baby was cross because he was cutting teeth.
To learn something very early in life; gain experience; start by learning or doing. Used with a possessive, usually used with on.
The professional ball player cut his teeth on a baseball bat in the sandlots.
Mr. Jones's company is building the new Post Office in town but Mr. Jones cut his eye teeth as a carpenter.
fed to the gills
fed to the teeth
Having had too much of something; at the end of your patience; disgusted; bored; tired.
He was fed to the teeth with television and sold his set to a cousin.
John quit football because he was fed to the gills with practice.
Synonym:fed up
fly in the face of
fly in the teeth of
To ignore; go against; show disrespect or disregard for.
You can't fly in the face of good business rules and expect to he successful.
Floyd's friends tried to help him, but he flew in the teeth of their advice and soon became a drunkard.
get one's teeth into
sink one's teeth into
To have something real or solid to think about; go to work on seriously; struggle with.
Иметь определенную, заданную цель; работать с большим упроством, энергично.
After dinner, John got his teeth into the algebra lesson.
Frank chose a subject for his report that he could sink his teeth into.
When Julie got promoted, she immediately sank her teeth into her new job.
Когда Джули повысили, она тут же бросилась работать с удвоенной энергией.
kick in the pants
kick in the teeth
Unexpected scorn or insult when praise was expected; rejection.
Mary worked hard to clean up John's room, but all she got for her trouble was a kick in the teeth.
lie through one's teeth
To lie uninhibitedly and unashamedly.
Everyone in the courtroom could sense that the accused was lying through his teeth.