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Фразеологизмы со словами take one

catch one's death of
take one's death of
To become very ill with (a cold, pneumonia, flu). Sometimes used in the short form catch your death.
Johnny fell in the icy water and almost took his death of cold.
"Johnny! Come right in here and put your coat and hat on. You'll catch your death!"
get one wrong
take one wrong
To misinterpret; misunderstand another.
Don't get me wrong; I didn 't mean to criticize you.
take one at one's word
To naively lend credence to what one tells one. To accept what one says as true, to believe.
It's a bad idea to take street vendors at their word in large, crowded cities.
When he offered to be responsible for the fund raiser, I took him at his word. Now he’s saying that he’s not available to do it.
You should be careful about taking her at her word. She’s been known to say one thing but to do another.
take one's breath away
To surprise greatly; impress very much; leave speechless with surprise or wonder or delight; astonish.
Устроить большой сюрприз; сильно удивить; поразить.
The sunset is so beautiful it takes our breath away.
His refusal was so unexpected it took my breath away.
You can take my breath away.
Ты можешь меня поразить.
take one's leave
take leave of
To say good-bye and leave.
He stayed on after most of the guests had taken their leave.
The messenger bowed and took leave of the queen.
The end of school in June is a time of leave-taking.
take one's life in one's hands
To face great danger or take great risk.
Driving that car with those worn tires would be taking your life in your hands.
He took his life in his hands when he tried to capture the wild horse.
take one's measure
take the measure of
To judge the character, quality, or nature of; try to guess about something - how hard or easy, dangerous or safe, good or bad, etc.
The boxers sparred for a while taking each other's measure.
John took the measure of the cliff before he climbed it.
Compare:size up
take one's medicine
To accept punishment without complaining.
The boy said he was sorry he broke the window and was ready to take his medicine.