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Фразеологизмы со словами stick to

hold a candle to
hold a stick to
To be fit to be compared with; be in the same class with. A trite phrase used in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences.
Henry thought that no modern ball club could hold a candle to those of 50 years ago.
stick to one's guns
stand by one's guns
To hold to an aim or an opinion even though people try to stop you or say you are wrong.
People laughed at Columbus when he said the world was round. He stuck to his guns and proved he was right.
At first the boss would not give Jane the raise in pay she wanted, but she stood by her guns and he gave it to her.
stand one#*#s ground
stick to one's knitting
tend to one's knitting
To do your own job and not bother other people.
The trouble with Henry is that he is always telling other people what to do; he can't stick to his knitting.
stick to one's ribs
stick to the ribs
To keep you from getting hungry again too quickly.
Doctors say you should eat a good breakfast that sticks to your ribs.
Farmers eat food that sticks to the ribs.
stick to
stick to the point
To stay on course during a discussion; adhere to the topic; not talk about extraneous matters.
Stick to the point and stop telling us your life history!
He made a promise to his wife to quit smoking and drinking, and so far he has stuck to it.
All organizations expect their employees to stick to established work rules and procedures.
If you try hard to stick to your principles, then you’ll be able to live up to them.
See also:
come to the point
stick together
To remain close together in a situation.
Stick together in the cave so that no one gets lost.
The gang stuck together after the game.
Bill and Bob stick together in a game or in a fight.
hang together