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Фразеологизмы со словом snow

a snowball effect
Эффект снежного кома; лавинообразный эффект - cитуация, в которой что-либо бесконтрольно увеличивается в размере или значении.
The more successful you become the more publicity you get and that publicity generates sales. It's a sort of snowball effect.
Чем известнее ты становишься, тем больше внимания прессы ты получаешь, а это повышает продажи. Это как снежный ком.
have a snowball's chance in hell
To be condemned to failure; enjoy a zero chance of success.
Pessimists used to think that we had a snowball's chance in hell to put a man on the moon; yet we did it in July, 1969.
pure as the driven snow
Как первый снег; чистый и целомудренный
Robert was notoriously promiscuous, but tried to convince all his girlfriends that he was pure as the driven snow.
Роберт был скандально известен своими похождениями, но пытался убедить свою девушку, что он невинен как младенец.
sell snow to the Eskimos
To sell something to people who already have a large quantity of the same or similar goods.
My Alaskan friend said, "One of the hottest businesses in Alaska is refrigeration. You could say that I, as a refrigerator expert, am selling snow to the Eskimos."
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snow bunny
Молодая симпатичная девушка, которая катается или учится кататься на лыжах.
Some cute little snow bunny came over and sat beside me.
Милая лыжница подошла и села возле меня.
snow in
To block up or trap by much snow; keep inside.
After the storm the farmer and his family were snowed in for three days.
The train went off the track and the passengers were snowed in for several days.
snow job
Insincere or exaggerated talk designed to gain the favors of someone.
Joe gave Sue a snow job and she believed every word of it.
The skillful display of technical vocabulary and prestige terminology in order to pass oneself off as an expert in a specialized field without really being a knowledgeable worker in that area.
Умелый показ знания престижной терминологии, чтобы выглядеть экспертом в какой-либо области, при этом в реальности им не быть.
That talk by Nielsen on pharmaceuticals sounded very impressive, but I will not hire him because it was essentially a snow job.
You can generally tell when a student is trying to do a snow job.
Всегда видно, если студент пытается жульничать.
snow under
To cover over with snow.
The doghouse was snowed under during the blizzard.
To give so much of something that it cannot be taken care of; to weigh down by so much of something that you cannot do anything about it. Usually used in the passive.
Загрузить чем-нибудь, обычно работой, настолько, что это становится невыполнимым. Обычно используется в пассивном залоге.
The factory received so many orders that it was snowed under with work.
The disabled girl was snowed under with Christmas letters.
The busy season snowed us all under with too much work.
В разгар рабочего сезона мы все были завалены работой.