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Фразеологизмы со словом slow

slow burn
A slowly increasing feeling of anger.
The boys kept teasing John, and watched him do a slow burn.
Barbara's slow burn ended only when Mary explained the misunderstanding.
slow down
To go more slowly than usual.
The road was slippery, so Mr. Jones slowed down the car.
Pat once could run a mile in five minutes, but now that he's older he's slowing down.
The car was going so fast that the motorist couldn’t slow it down enough to make the sharp curve.
You’re eating too fast to digest your food well. Slow down!
Synonym:slow up
Contrast:speed up
slow going
Замедленный темп или трудность выполнения чего-либо.
It was slow going as I was learning to work on the computer.
Я медленно обучался работе на компьютере.
slow on the draw
slow on the uptake
Not very smart; having difficulty figuring things out.
Быть не очень сообразительным, туповатым; иметь трудности в понимании чего-либо; медлительный.
Poor Eric doesn't get very good grades in physics; when it comes to problem-solving, he is rather slow on the draw.
Mary is said to be slow on the draw, but she immediately takes advantage of something.
Говорят, Мэри медлительная, но она сразу же берет выгоду из чего-то.
My new student is slow on the uptake, and I have to explain everything to him several times.
Мой новый студент несообразительный, и мне приходиться объяснять ему по нескольку раз.
slow up
To go more slowly.
The truck slowed up as it approached the toll gate.
Construction on the road slows up traffic.
Slow up a bit! You’re talking so quickly that I can’t catch on well.
To become less busy.
Business slows up at the stores after Christmas.
Synonym:slow down
A period of lesser activity, usually in the economic sphere.
We all hope the current slowdown in the economy will soon be over.
slowly but surely
Медленно, но верно.
If you do something slowly but surely, it will be done properly.
Если вы делаете что-то медленно, но верно, это будет сделано должным образом.
standard time
slow time
slow tune
Clock time that is set by law or agreement in a country or in part of a country; especially, in the United States: the clock time used between fall and spring, which is an hour slower than the time used in the summer. Abbreviation ST.
When we go to bed Saturday night, we will set our clocks back an hour, because Sunday we will be on standard time again.
Next week it will get dark an hour earlier, because we will be on standard time.