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Словосочетания со словом slip

Freudian slip
Дословно: оговорка по Фрейду.
Ошибка, выражающая истинные мысли или чувства.
-So you got the job - I'm so sad - sorry, I mean glad!
-Yeah I see you’ve had a Freudian slip.
- У тебя новая работа – мне так жаль, то есть, прости, я так рад!
- Да, я вижу, твое истинное отношение.
give the slip
To escape from (someone); run away from unexpectedly; sneak away from.
An Indian was following, but Boone gave him the slip by running down a hill.
Some boys were waiting outside the school to beat up Jack, but he gave them the slip.
let slip
To unintentionally reveal.
Ellen let it slip that she had been a witness to the accident.
pink slip
дословно: розовое печатное уведомление
Уведомление об увольнении с работы.
I received my pink slip last week and I am now looking for a new job.
Я получил уведомление об увольнении на прошлой неделе, и теперь я в поисках новой работы.
put over
slip over
To wait to a later time; postpone.
They put over the meeting to the following Tuesday.
Synonym:put off
To make a success of; complete.
He put over a complex and difficult business deal.
To practice deception; trick; fool. Used with on.
George thought he was putting something over on the teacher when he said he was absent the day before because his mother was sick and needed him.
Tom really slipped one over on us when he came to the Halloween party dressed as a witch.
sales check
sales slip
A paper which the clerk gives the person who bought something; a paper that shows what you bought in a store and how much you paid for it.
Mrs. Smith checked the sales slip with what she bought.
Mary brought the sales check when she returned the dress so she could get her money back.
slip a cog
slip a gear
To make a mistake.
I must have been slipping a cog when I said that I would run for mayor.
Jim hates to sleep outdoors. He's slipping his gears if he's promised to take the boys camping.
Compare:slip up
slip away
sneak away
steal away
To leave unnoticed.
The party was such a bore that we decided to quietly slip away.