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Фразеологизмы со словом sleep

asleep at the switch
Asleep when it is one's duty to move a railroad switch for cars to go on the right track.
The new man was asleep at the switch and the two trains crashed.
Failing to act promptly as expected, not alert to an opportunity.
When the ducks flew over, the boy was asleep at the switch and missed his shot.
beauty sleep
A nap or rest taken to improve the appearance.
She took her beauty sleep before the party.
Many famous beauties take a beauty sleep every day.
eat, sleep and breathe something
Быть чем-то увлеченным.
He's an enthusiastic golfer; he eats, sleeps and breathes it!
Он большой любитель гольфа, он для него – все!
fall asleep at the switch
To fail to perform an expected task; be remiss in one's duty.
The two airplanes wouldn't have collided, if the control tower operator hadn't fallen asleep at the switch.
The dean promised our department $250,000 but the foundation never sent the money because someone in the dean's office fell asleep at the switch.
let sleeping dogs lie
Do not make (someone) angry and cause trouble or danger; do not make trouble if you do not have to. A proverb.
Don't tell Father that you broke the window. Let sleeping dogs lie.
put to sleep
To cause to fall asleep.
Mother used to put us to sleep by telling us a good-night story and giving us a kiss.
To kill with an injection (said of animals).
Dr. Murphy, the veterinarian, put our sick, old dog to sleep.
sleep a wink
To get a moment's sleep; enjoy a bit of sleep. Used in negative and conditional statements and in questions.
I didn't sleep a wink all night.
sleep around
To be free with one's sexual favors; to behave promiscuously.
Sue Catwallender is a nice girl but she sleeps around an awful lot with all sorts of guys.