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Фразеологизмы со словом sky

bear in the air
bear in the sky
A police helicopter flying overhead watching for speeders.
Slow down, good buddy, there's a bear in the air.
out of the blue
out of a clear sky
out of a clear blue sky
Without any warning; by surprise; unexpectedly.
Без предупреждения; неожиданно.
At the last minute Johnny came out of the blue to catch the pass and score a touchdown.
The cowboy thought he was alone but suddenly out of a clear sky there were bandits all around him.
I was driving down the road and this car swerved in front of me out of the blue.
Я ехал по дороге и вдруг из ниоткуда эта машина свернула передо мной.
pie in the sky
An unrealistic wish or hope.
Our trip to Hawaii is still only a pie in the sky.
Compare:pipe dream
reach for the sky
To put your hands high above your head or be shot. Usually used as a command.
A holdup man walked into a gas station last night and told the attendant "Reach for the sky!"
Synonym:hands up
To set one's aims high.
"Why medical technician?" asked her father. "Reach for the sky! Become a physician!"
sky is the limit
There is no upper limit to something.
Нет никаких ограничений для чего-либо.
"Buy me the fastest racehorse in Hong Kong," Mr. Lee instructed his broker. "Spend whatever is necessary; the sky is the limit."
How successful do you think the project will be? - Who knows... the sky's the limit!
Насколько успешным будет этот проект, как ты думаешь? - Кто знает…нет никаких границ!