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Фразеологизмы со словом skin

asking for trouble
"Лезть на рожон"; вести себя вызывающе, опасно.
Going to that dangerous street is really asking for trouble!
Идти на ту опасную улицу — это все равно что искать неприятности!
by the skin of one's teeth
By a narrow margin; with no room to spare; barely.
The drowning man struggled, and I got him to land by the skin of my teeth.
She passed English by the skin of her teeth.
for the asking
By asking; by asking for it; on request.
John said I could borrow his bike any time. It was mine for the asking.
Teacher said her advice was free for the asking.
get under one's skin
To bother; upset.
Беспокоить; расстраивать.
The students get under Mary's skin by talking about her freckles.
Children who talk too much in class get under the teacher's skin.
She got under his skin.
Она его расстроила.
jump out of one's skin
To be badly frightened; be very much surprised.
The lightning struck so close to Bill that he almost jumped out of his skin.
keep one's eyes peeled
keep one's eyes skinned
To watch carefully; be always looking.
The bird-watcher kept his eyes peeled for bluebirds.
When the boys walked through the roads, they kept their eyes skinned for snakes.
masking tape
A paper tape that is stuck around the edges of a surface being painted to keep the paint off the surface next to it.
The painters put masking tape around the window frames to keep the paint off the glass.
save one's bacon
save one's neck
save one's skin
To save from danger or trouble.
Спасти чью-любо шкуру.
The fighter planes saved our skins while the army was landing from the ships.
Betty saved Tim's neck by typing his report for him; without her help he could not have finished on time.
Бетти спасла шкуру Тима, напечатав его отчет за него. Без ее помощи он мог бы не успеть закончить вовремя.