English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом shoot

drop a line
shoot a line
To write someone a short letter or note.
Написать короткое письмо или записку; "черкнуть пару строчек".
Please drop me a line when you get to Paris; I'd like to know that you've arrived safely.
I always drop her a line to wish her a Merry Christmas.
Я всегда пишу ей письма, чтобы поздравить с Рождеством.
As soon as I get to Florida, I’ll drop you a line and tell you about my new job.
If you have time, drop me a line now and then while you’re traveling.
A derivative; a side product.
The discovery of nuclear reactors was an offshoot of research in quantum physics.
shoot ahead of
shoot past
shoot through
shoot alongside of
To move or drive ahead rapidly.
As we had to slow down before the tunnel, a red sports car shot ahead of us.
shoot from the hip
To fire a gun held at the hip without aiming by aligning the barrel with one's eye.
In many Western movies the heroic sheriff defeats the villains by shooting from the hip.
To speak sincerely, frankly, and without subterfuge.
"What kind of an administrator will Mr. Brown be?" the head of the search committee asked. "He shoots straight from the hip," he was assured.
shoot off one's mouth
shoot off one's face
To give opinions without knowing all the facts; talk as if you know everything.
Tom has never been to Florida, but he's always shooting his mouth off about how superior Florida is to California.
I want to study the problem before I shoot off my face.
The editor of the newspaper is always shooting his mouth off about the trouble in Africa.
shoot one's wad
To spend all of one's money.
We've shot our wad for the summer and can't buy any new garden furniture.
To say everything that is on one's mind.
Joe feels a lot better now that he's shot his wad at the meeting.
shoot out
To fight with guns until one person or side is wounded or killed; settle a fight by shooting. Used with it.
The cornered bank robbers decided to shoot it out with the police.
The moment she opened the door, the cat shot out and ran around the house.
During the last half-minute of the race, Dick shot out in front of the other runners.
shoot questions at
To interrogate rapidly and vigorously.
The attorney for the prosecution shot one question after another at the nervous witness.