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Фразеологизмы со словом see

can't see the wood for the trees
can't see the woods for the trees
can't see the forest for the trees
To be unable to judge or understand the whole because of attention to the parts; criticize small things and not see the value or the aim of the future achievement.
Не видеть за деревьями леса. Не быть в состоянии понять ситуацию в целом из-за того, что все внимание уделено мелочам.
Teachers sometimes notice language errors and do not see the good ideas in a composition; they cannot see the woods for the trees.
The voters defeated a bond issue for the new school because they couldn't see the forest for the trees; they thought of their taxes rather than of their children's education.
We should think of children's growth in character and understanding more than of their little faults and misdeeds; some of us can't see the wood for the trees.
The new manager found the situation so complicated that he couldn't see the wood for the trees.
Новому менеджеру ситуация показалась такой запутанной, что он сумел разглядеть ее причину.
children should be seen and not heard
A command issued by adults to children ordering them to be quiet and not to interrupt. A proverb.
Your children should not argue so loudly. Haven't you taught them that children should be seen and not heard?
go to seed
run to seed
To grow seeds.
Onions go to seed in hot weather.
To lose skill or strength; stop being good or useful.
Sometimes a good athlete runs to seed when he gets too old for sports.
Mr. Allen was a good carpenter until he became rich and went to seed.
hear the beat
see the beat
To hear of or to see someone or something better or surpassing. Usually used in negative or interrogative sentences and often followed by of.
I never heard the beat! John swam all the way across the river. Did you ever hear the beat of it?
The juggler spun a table around on the tip of his finger. I never saw the beat of that.
let me see
let us see
Let us find out by trying or performing an action.
Let me see if you can jump over the fence.
Give me time to think or remember.
I can't come today. Let me see. How about Friday?
Let's see. Where did I put the key?
look after
see after
To watch over; attend to.
John's mother told him to look after his younger brother.
When he went to Europe, Mr. Jenkins left his son to see after the business.
Grandma will look after the baby while we go to the lecture.
look at the world through rose-colored glasses
see with rose-colored glasses
To see everything as good and pleasant; not see anything hard or bad.
Смотреть на мир через розовые очки; видеть все в розовом цвете.
When Jean graduated from high school, she looked at the world through rose-colored glasses.
If you see everything through rose-colored glasses, you will often be disappointed.
My friend always looks at the world through rose-colored glasses and he does not believe that some people are dishonest.
Мой друг всегда видит все в розовом цвете, и он не верит, что существуют нечестные люди.
monkey see, monkey do
Обезьянничать. Дурные примеры заразительны. Куда стадо, туда и овца.
We don’t let our son watch TV programs that show kids being rude to their elders. I know what would happen if I did: monkey see, monkey do.
Мы не разрешаем нашему сыну смотреть ТВ-программы, где дети грубо общаются со старшими. Я знаю, что случится, если он будет смотреть их: дурной пример заразителен.