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Словосочетания со словом sand

bat a thousand
Добиться успеха.
The salesman was batting a thousand during his sales trip to Europe.
Продавец хорошо преуспел во время своей коммерческой поездки в Европу.
build on sand
To lay a weak or insufficient foundation for a building, a business, or a relationship.
"I don't want to build my business on sand," John said, "so please. Dad, give me that loan I requested."
by the dozen
by the hundred
by the thousand
Very many at one time; in great numbers. Often used in the plural, meaning even larger numbers.
Tommy ate cookies by the dozen.
The ants arrived at the picnic by the hundreds.
The enemy attacked the fort by the thousands.
draw a line in the sand
Установить определенные границы, за пределами которых какая-либо ситуация или активность неприемлемы.
That's it! We're going to draw a line in the sand and make this our final proposal.
Достаточно! Мы подводим черту и делаем это нашим последним предложением.
hide one's head in the sand
bury one's head in the sand
have one's head in the sand
put one's head in the sand
To keep from seeing, knowing, or understanding something dangerous or unpleasant; to refuse to see or face something.
"Прятать голову в песок"; избегать информации о неприятных, опасных ситуациях.
If there is a war, you cannot just bury your head in the sand.
Get your head out of the sand and handle the problem.
Перестань прятать голову в песок и реши эту проблему.
sand lot
A field, vacant lot, or other open place used as a sports playing field, usually by younger teams or by amateurs who can't afford to use anything better.
Rogers Hornsby, who was National League baseball batting champion six times, first started playing on Texas sand lots.
sand trap
A low place on a golf course that is filled with sand to stop the ball.
The golfer lost four strokes trying to get the ball out of the sand trap.
Of the kind seen on sand lots; not professional.
The professional football team was so confused by their opponents' fast play that they acted like a bunch of sand-lot amateurs.