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Фразеологизмы со словом red

beyond redemption
То, что находится в таком плохом состоянии, что нет даже надежды на восстановление или исправление.
With the latest scandal, his reputation is now beyond redemption.
В свете последнего скандала его репутации уже ничего не поможет.
bred in the bone
Belonging to your nature or character, especially from early teaching or long habit; natural from belief or habit; believing deeply. Often used with hyphens.
The Willett children's cleanness is bred in the none.
Joe is a bred-in-the-bone horseman; he has been riding since he was six.
by the dozen
by the hundred
by the thousand
Very many at one time; in great numbers. Often used in the plural, meaning even larger numbers.
Tommy ate cookies by the dozen.
The ants arrived at the picnic by the hundreds.
The enemy attacked the fort by the thousands.
catch red-handed
To apprehend a person during the act of committing an illicit or criminal act.
Уличить кого-либо в тот момент, когда он или она делал что-то нехорошее или незаконное; поймать с поличным.
Al was caught red-handed at the local store when he was trying to walk out with a new camera he had not paid for.
The manager was trying to steal a computer from the office, but security caught him red-handed.
Менеджер попытался украсть офисный компьютер, но охрана поймала его с поличным.
The police arrived as the burglar was leaving the house. He was caught red-handed.
Полиция приехала, когда грабитель выбирался из дома. Его поймали с поличным.
They caught him red-handed.
Они поймали его с поличным на месте преступления.
My teacher caught me red-handed, when I was cheating in the exam.
Мой учитель поймал меня с поличным, когда я жульничал на экзамене.
Easily scared; cowardly.
Легко пугающийся, трусливый, малодушный.
Joe sure is a chicken-livered guy.
The boy called his friend chicken-livered which made the friend very angry.
Мальчик назвал своего друга трусливым, из-за чего его друг очень разозлился.
See also:
covered-dish supper
potluck supper
A meal to which each guest brings a share of the food.
Dolly made a chicken casserole for the covered-dish supper.
credibility gap
An apparent discrepancy between what the government says and what one can observe for oneself.
There was a tremendous credibility gap in the USA during the Watergate years.
days are numbered
(Someone or something) does not have long to live or stay.
The days of the old school building are numbered.
When a man becomes ninety years old, his days are numbered.