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Фразеологизмы со словом quick

cut to the quick
To hurt someone's feelings deeply.
The children 's teasing cut Mary to the quick.
fast buck
quick buck
make a fast buck
make a quick buck
Money earned quickly and easily, and sometimes dishonestly.
You can make a fast buck at the golf course by fishing balls out of the water trap.
He isn't interested in a career; he's just looking for a quick buck.
quick on the trigger
trigger happy
quick on the draw
Ready to shoot without warning; fast with a gun.
He's a dangerous criminal quick on the trigger.
Fast at answering questions or solving problems.
In class discussions John is always quick on the trigger.
quick on the uptake
Smart; intelligent.
Eleanor is very witty and quick on the uptake.
quick study
One who acquires new skills and habits in record time.
Sue is new at her job but people have confidence in her because she is a quick study.
touch to the quick
To hurt someone's feelings very deeply; offend.
His remark about her lack of education touched her to the quick.