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Словосочетания со словами put up

put up a brave fight
put up a good fight
To resist.
He put up a good fight but he was bound to lose in the end to the older, more experienced chess player.
put up a brave front
put up a good front
To act courageously, even though one is actually afraid.
When Joe was taken in for his open heart surgery, he put up a brave front, although his hands were shaking.
put up or shut up
To bet your money on what you say or stop saying it. Often used as a command; often considered rude.
The man from out of town kept saying their team would beat ours and finally John told him "Put up or shut up."
To prove something or stop saying it. Often used as a command; often considered rude.
George told Al that he could run faster than the school champion and Al told George to put up or shut up.
put up to
To talk to and make do; persuade to; get to do.
Older boys put us up to painting the statue red.
Compare:egg on
put up with
To accept patiently; bear; to tolerate to accept unwillingly.
We had to put up with Jim's poor table manners because he refused to change.
The mother told her children, "I refuse to put up with your tracking in mud!"
The employee was fired because his boss could not put up with his mistakes any longer.
While I’m studying, I can’t put up with any noise or other distractions.
Compare:stand for
put up
To make and pack (especially a lunch or medicine); get ready; prepare. To store away for later use.
Every morning Mother puts up lunches for the three children.
The druggist put up the medicine that the doctor had prescribed.
The farmer put up three tons of hay for the winter.
Mother is putting up peaches in jars.
Compare:make up
To put in place; put (something) where it belongs.
After he unpacked the car, John put it up.
After the hard ride, the doctor gave the horse to the stable boy to put up.
After the battle, the knight put up his sword.
Aunt May puts up her hair in curlers every night.
The construction company is tearing down that old office building in order to put up a new one.
Synonym:put away
Compare:do up
To suggest that (someone) be chosen a member, officer, or official. Often used with for.
The club decided to take in another member, and Bill put up Charles.
The Republicans put Mr. Williams up for mayor.
Please put your hand up if you have never studied English grammar before.
When you fight, resist, or argue against something, you put up a fight or put up resistance.
The union put up a fight when the company tried to lay off workers.
The Japanese put up little resistance when the marines landed.
To place on sale; offer for sale.
She put the house up for sale.
To provide lodging for; furnish a room to.
The visitor was put up in the home of Mr. Wilson.
They put Frank up at a good hotel.
Sam didn't have anywhere else to go after the fire, so I said I would put him up for a couple of nights.
The hotel desk clerk apologized for not being able to put us up.
To rent or get shelter; take lodging; stay in a place to sleep.
The traveller put up at a motel.
We put up with friends on our trip to Canada.
To make; engage in.
He put up a good fight against his sickness.
Compare:carry on
To furnish (money) or something needed; pay for.
He put up the money to build a hotel.
put upon
To use (someone) unfairly; expect too much from. Used in the passive or in the past participle.
Martha was put upon by the bigger girls.
Arthur was a much put-upon person.