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Фразеологизмы со словом put

bee in one's bonnet
have a bee in one's bonnet
put a bee in one's bonnet
A fixed idea that seems fanciful, odd, or crazy.
Состояние навязчивой идеи, как правило странной или сумасбродной.
Robert Fulton had a bee in his bonnet about a steamboat.
Grandmother has some bee in her bonnet about going to the dance.
She's got a bee in her bonnet about moving to New York!
У неё навязчивая идея о переезде в Нью-Йорк!
black and white
put on paper
put (it) in black and white
put (it) in writing
Print or writing; words on paper, not spoken; exact written or printed form.
"Черным по белому", в письменной форме.
He insisted on having the agreement down in black and white.
Mrs. Jones would not believe the news, so Mr. Jones showed her the article in the newspaper and said, "There it is in black and white."
Our boss usually asks us to communicate him in black and white.
Наш начальник обычно просит нас передавать ему сообщения в письменном виде.
The different shades of black and white of a simple picture, rather than other colors.
He showed us snapshots in black and white.
bug in one's ear
put a bug in one's ear
put a flea in one's ear
A hint; secret information given to someone to make him act; idea.
I saw Mary at the jeweler's admiring the diamond pin; I'll put a bug in Henry's ear.
cut down to size
put one in one's place
To prove that someone is not as good as he thinks.
The big boy told John he could beat him, but John was a good boxer and soon cut him down to size.
hard put
hard put to it
In a difficult position; faced with difficulty; barely able.
John was hard put to find a good excuse for his lateness in coming to school.
The scouts found themselves hard put to it to find the way home.
have dibs on
put dibs on
To demand a share of something or to be in line for the use of an object usable by more than one person.
Don't throw your magazine away! I put my dibs on it, remember?
hide one's head in the sand
bury one's head in the sand
have one's head in the sand
put one's head in the sand
To keep from seeing, knowing, or understanding something dangerous or unpleasant; to refuse to see or face something.
"Прятать голову в песок"; избегать информации о неприятных, опасных ситуациях.
If there is a war, you cannot just bury your head in the sand.
Get your head out of the sand and handle the problem.
Перестань прятать голову в песок и реши эту проблему.
house of ill fame
house of ill repute
A bordello; a brothel.
At the edge of town there is a house of ill repute run by a Madame who used to be a singer in a bar.