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Словосочетания со словом piece

all in one piece
Safely; without damage or harm.
John's father was terribly concerned when his son was sent to war as a pilot, but he came home all in one piece.
by the piece
Counted one piece at a time, separately for each single piece.
John bought boxes full of bags of potato chips and sold them by the piece.
Mary made potholders and got paid by the piece.
conversation piece
Something that interests people and makes them talk about it; something that looks unusual, comical, or strange.
Uncle Fred has a glass monkey on top of his piano that he keeps for a conversation piece.
cut to pieces
To divide into small parts with something sharp; cut badly or completely.
Baby has cut the newspaper to pieces with scissors.
To destroy or defeat completely.
The soldiers were cut to pieces by the Indians.
When Dick showed his book report to his big sister for correction, she cut it to pieces.
fall to pieces
To disintegrate; collapse.
After the death of Alexander the Great, his empire started to fall to pieces.
give one a piece of one's mind
To scold angrily; say what you really think to (someone).
Mr. Allen gave the other driver a piece of his mind.
The sergeant gave the soldier a piece of his mind for not cleaning his boots.
go to pieces
To become very nervous or sick from nervousness; become wild.
Mrs. Vance went to pieces when she heard her daughter was in the hospital.
The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.
Mary goes to pieces when she can't have her own way.
of a piece
Of the same kind; in line. Usually used with "with".
His quitting the job is of a piece with his dropping out of school.