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Словосочетания со словом pay

devil to pay
Great trouble. Used after the. A severe penalty.
There'll be the devil to pay when the teacher finds out who broke the window.
When Jim wrecked his father's car, there was the devil to pay.
If we don't finish the work by next Monday, there will be the devil to pay.
down payment
A retainer paid to a prospective seller.
How much of a down payment do you require for this new car?
in advance
in advance of
pay in advance
In front; ahead (of the others); first.
In the parade, the band will march in advance of the football team.
The soldiers rode out of the fort with the scouts in advance.
Before doing or getting something.
The motel man told Mr. Williams he would have to pay in advance.
The paperhanger mixed his paste quite a while in advance so it would have time to cool.
It will be easier to decorate the snack bar if we cut the streamers in advance of the actual decorating.
left-handed compliment
pay one a left-handed compliment
An ambiguous compliment which is interpretable as an offense.
I didn't know you could look so pretty! Is that a wig you're wearing?
She said my new pants really make my legs look much slimmer. What a left-handed compliment!
lip service
pay lip service to
Support shown by words only and not by actions; a show of loyalty that is not proven in action. Usually used with pay.
Bv holding elections, communism pays lip service to democracy, but it offers only one candidate per office.
Some people pay lip service to education, but don't vote taxes for better schools.
pay a call
To visit someone.
"Come and pay us a call some time, when you're in town," Sue said to Henry.
pay as one goes
To pay cash; to pay at once; to avoid charging anything bought; to avoid debt entirely by paying cash. Usually used with you.
It is best to pay as you go; then you will not have to worry about paying debts later.
pay attention
To look at and listen to someone while they are speaking; to concentrate; hear and understand someone alertly.
"Pay attention, children!" the teacher cried, "Here is your homework for next week!"
Please pay attention to me while I'm speaking to you!
You'll have to pay more attention in class if you want to get a good grade.