English Puzzle
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Словосочетания со словом out

That's about the size of it!
Informal way to say: What you said is true or the rumor or the news is true.
"I am told you're leaving our firm for Japan," Fred said to Tom. "That's about the size of it," Tom replied with a grin.
about face
A sudden change of course or a decision opposite to what was decided earlier.
Her decision to become an actress instead of a dentist was an about face from her original plans.
about one's ears
around one's ears
bring down about one's ears
bring down around one's ears
pull down about one's ears
pull down around one's ears
To or into complete collapse, defeat, or ruin; to the destruction of a person's plans, hopes, or happiness.
They planned to have factories all over the world but the war brought their plans down about their ears.
John hoped to go to college and become a great scientist some day, but when his father died he had to get a job, and John's dreams came crashing around his ears.
on one#*#s head
about time
Finally, but later than it should have been; at last.
Mother said, "It's about time you got up, Mary."
The basketball team won last night. About time.
about to
Close to; ready to. Used with an infinitive.
We were about to leave when the snow began.
I haven't gone yet, but I'm about to.
going toon the point of
Having a wish or plan to. Used with an infinitive in negative sentences.
Freddy wasn't about to give me any of his ice-cream cone.
"Will she come with us?" asked Bill. "She's not about to," answered Mary.
absent without leave
Absent without permission; used mostly in the military.
Jack left Fort Sheridan without asking his commanding officer, and was punished for going AWOL.
act out of spite
Поступать назло
If your dog gnaws your shoes, there is no evidence to suggest that it acts this way out of spite.
Если ваша собака грызет вашу обувь, нет доказательств предполагать, что она делает это назло вам.
act out
To show an idea, story, or happening by your looks, talk, and movements.
He tried to act out a story that he had read.
To put into action.
All his life he tried to act out his beliefs.