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Фразеологизмы со словами one up

bone up
To fill with information; try to learn a lot about something in a short time; study quickly.
Carl was boning up for an examination.
Jim had to make a class report the next day on juvenile delinquency, and he was in the library boning up on how the courts handle it.
fix someone up with
To help another get a date with a woman or man by arranging a meeting for the two.
Say Joe, can you possibly fix me up with someone this weekend? I am so terribly lonesome!
give up for
give one up for
To abandon hope for someone or something.
After Larry had not returned to base camp for three nights, his fellow mountain climbers gave him up for dead.
one up
Having an advantage; being one step ahead.
John graduated from high school; he is one up on Bob, who dropped out.
The Platters are one up on their neighbors. They own the only color television set in their neighborhood.