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Фразеологизмы со словом number

a number
A rather large number; numbers. Used when there are more than several and fewer than many.
Used like an adjective before less, more.
The parents were invited to see the program, and a number came.
We knew the Smiths rattier well; we had visited them a number of times.
We have not set up enough folding chairs; we need a number more.
Compare:quite a few
any number
A large number; many.
There are any number of reasons for eating good food.
Don't ask George what his excuse is. He can invent any number.
back number
Something out of fashion, or out of date.
Among today's young people a waltz like "The Blue Danube" is a back number.
days are numbered
(Someone or something) does not have long to live or stay.
The days of the old school building are numbered.
When a man becomes ninety years old, his days are numbered.
get one's number
have one's number
To find out or know what kind of person somebody is.
The boys soon had the new student's number.
The girls got their new roommate's number the first week of school.
hot number
A person or thing noticed as newer, better, or more popular than others.
The boys and girls thought that song was a hot number.
The new car that Bob is driving is a real hot number.
John invented a new can opener that was a hot number in the stores.
in round figures
in round numbers
As an estimated number; as a rounded-off figure containing no decimals or fractions.
Skip the cents and just tell me in round figures how much this car repair will cost.
number among
Consider as one of; consider to be a part of.
I number Al among my best friends.