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Словосочетания со словом new

bad news travels fast
Аналог: дурные вести не сидят на месте.
О ситуации, когда информация о чем-то плохом быстро распространилась.
Sara told me about your divorce. Bad news travels fast.
Сара рассказала мне о твоем разводе. Плохие вести не сидят на месте.
bad news
An event, thing, or person which is disagreeable or an unpleasant surprise.
What's the new professor like? - He's all bad news to me.
As new or fresh as when just made and sold by the manufacturer; showing no use or wear.
He had taken a brand-new car from the dealer's floor and wrecked it.
In Uncle Tom's trunk, we found a wedding ring, still in its little satin-lined box, still brand-new.
break fresh ground
break new ground
To start a new activity previously neglected by others; do pioneering work.
Начать новый вид деятельности, на который ранее никто не обрашал внимание; быть первооткрывателем.
Albert Einstein broke new ground with his theory of relativity.
To begin something never done before.
The school broke new ground with reading lessons that taught students to guess the meaning of new words.
Scientists have broken fresh ground in their exploration of outer space.
Ученые открыли новые горизонты в исследовании открытого космоса.
carry coals to Newcastle
To do something unnecessary; bring or furnish something of which there is plenty.
Newcastle is an English city near many coal mines, and coal is sent out from there to other places.
The man who waters his grass after a good rain is carrying coals to Newcastle.
Joe was carrying coals to Newcastle when he told the doctor how to cure a cold.
feel like a new man
To feel healthy, vigorous, and well again after a major physical illness or emotional upheaval.
Ted felt like a new man after his successful heart bypass operation.
new blood
Something or someone that gives new life or vigor, fresh energy or power.
New blood was brought into the company through appointment of younger men to important positions.
new broom sweeps clean
A new person makes many changes. A proverb.
The new superintendent has changed many of the school rules. A new broom sweeps clean.