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Словосочетания со словом man

all manner of
Many different kinds of; all sorts of.
In a five-and-ten-cent store you can buy all manner of things.
as one man
Unanimously; together; involving all.
The audience arose as one man to applaud the great pianist.
best man
The groom's aid (usually his best friend or a relative) at a wedding.
When Agnes and I got married, my brother Gordon was my best man.
by all means
by all manner of means
Certainly, without fail. Using any possible way or method.
He felt that he should by all means warn Jones.
If the Johnsons invite us for dinner, then by all means we have to return the invitation. Of course, we don’t have to invite their children, too.
In order to ensure its survival, the ailing company has to obtain an infusion of cash by all means.
by no means
not by any means
by no manner of means
not by any manner of means
Not even a little; certainly not.
He is by no means bright.
"May I stay home from school?" "By no means."
Dick worked on his project Saturday, but he is not finished yet, by any means.
command module
One of the three main sections of the basic Apollo spacecraft. It weighs six tons and is cone shaped. It contains crew compartments and from it the astronauts can operate the lunar module (LM), the docking systems, etc.
The astronauts can operate the lunar module from command module.
The cockpit, the chief place where a person does his most important work.
My desk is my command module.
company man
A worker who always agrees with management rather than labor. Usually used to express dislike or disapproval.
Joe was a company man and refused to take a part in the strike.
dirty old man
An older man who shows an unhealthy interest in young girls.
"Stay away from Uncle Algernon, Sally," her mother warned. "He is a dirty old man."