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Словосочетания со словом mad

a match made in heaven
Брак заключенный на небесах; пара людей, которые идеально подходят друг другу.
They are so good together, they are a match made in heaven.
Они так хорошо подходят друг другу, эта пара, созданная на небесах.
crazy about
mad about
nuts about
Excessively fond of; infatuated with.
Jack is totally nuts about Liz, but she is not too crazy about him.
cut from the same cloth
made from the same mold
Иметь много общего; быть похожими.
She and her brother are cut from the same cloth. They both tell lies all the time.
Она и её брат очень похожи. Она оба постоянно врут.
drive one ape
drive one bananas
drive one crazy
drive one mad
drive one nuts
To irritate, frustrate, or tickle someone's fancy so badly that they think they are going insane. To excite someone to the point that he or she goes out of his or her mind; to drive someone crazy.
"Stop teasing me, Mary," John said. "You are driving me nuts."
"You are driving me bananas with all your crazy riddles," Steve said.
have it made
To be sure of success; have everything you need.
With her fine grades Alice has it made and can enter any college in the country.
The other seniors think Joe has it made because his father owns a big factory.
if the hill will not come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the hill
If one person will not go to the other, then the other must go to him. A proverb.
Grandfather won't come to visit us, so we must go and visit him. If the hill won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad will go to the hill.
kings go mad, and the people suffer for it
Дословно: короли сходят с ума, а народ страдает.
Русский аналог: паны дерутся - у холопов чубы трещат.
Life is always like this: kings go mad, and the people suffer for it.
В жизни всегда так: короли сходят с ума, а народ расплачивается.
like mad
like crazy
With great enthusiasm and vigor; very fast.
We had to drive like mad to get there on time.
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