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Словосочетания со словом low

allow for
To provide for; leave room for; give a chance to; permit.
She cut the skirt four inches longer to allow for a wide hem.
Democracy allows for many differences of opinion.
as follows
A list of things that come next; what is listed next. - Followed by a colon.
My grocery list is as follows: bread, butter, meat, eggs, sugar.
The names of the members are as follows: John Smith, Mary Webb, Linda Long, Ralph Harper.
The route is as follows: From City Hall go south on Main Street to Elm Street, east on Elm to 5th Street, and south on 5th two blocks to the school.
at a blow
at a stroke
at one stroke
Immediately; suddenly; with one quick or forceful action.
The pirates captured the ship and captured a ton of gold at a blow.
A thousand men lost their jobs at a stroke when the factory closed.
All the prisoners escaped at one stroke.
beat all hollow
beat hollow
To do much better than; to beat very badly.
We beat their team all hollow.
As a speaker, he beats us all hollow.
below par
Below standard.
Bob was fired because his work has been below par for several months now.
below the belt
hit below the belt
In the stomach; lower than is legal in boxing.
В живот; ниже чем разрешено в боксе.
He struck the other boy below the belt.
In an unfair or cowardly way; against the rules of sportsmanship or justice; unsportingly; wrongly.
Совершать что-то нечестное или трусливое; удар ниже пояса.
It was hitting below the belt for Mr. Jones's rival to tell people about a crime that Mr. Jones committed when he was a young boy.
Pete told the students to vote against Harry because Harry was in a wheelchair and couldn't be a good class president, but the students thought Pete was hitting below the belt.
I think it was a hit below the belt when he lied to her.
Я думаю, это было немного нечестно, что он лгал ей.
My friend was hitting below the belt when he criticized me after I told him my true feelings.
Мой друг ударил ниже пояса, когда начал критиковать меня после того, как я рассказал ему о своих истинных чувствах.
bird has flown
The prisoner has escaped; the captive has got away.
When the sheriff returned to the jail, he discovered that the bird had flown.
blow a fuse
blow a gasket
blow one's top
blow one's stack
pop one's cork
To become extremely angry; express rage in hot words.
To become very excited, angry, hysterical, or furious.
Прийти в состояние повышенного раздражения; выражать гнев резкими словами. Быть в состоянии когда "снесло башню".
When Mr. McCarthy's son got married against his wishes, he blew a fuse.
When the umpire called Joe out at first, Joe blew his top and was sent to the showers.
She blew her top after she was dropped from the team.
У нее снесло крышу, после того как ее исключили из команды.
"No need to blow your top, Al," his wife said, "just because you lost a few dollars."