English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словами line up

line up
To take places in a line or formation; stand side by side or one behind another; form a line or pattern.
The boys lined up and took turns diving off the springboard.
The football team lined up in a "T" formation.
The moviegoers lined up in front of the theater showing the most popular film of the summer.
To put in line.
John lined up the pool balls.
To adjust correctly.
The garage man lined up the car's wheels.
To make ready for action; complete a plan or agreement for; arrange.
Henry's friends lined up so many votes for him that he won the election.
Roger lined up a summer job before school was out.
The superintendent lined up all the new teachers he needed before he went on vacation.
Rob is going to schedule the famous author to speak at the convention if he can line her up in time.
To become ready for action; come together in preparation or agreement.
The football schedule is lining up well; the coach has arranged all games except one.
Larry wanted to go to the seashore for the family vacation, but the rest of the family lined up against him.
gang upshape uptake sides