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Словосочетания со словом lie

Nervous Nellie
A timid person who lacks determination and courage.
I say we will never win if we don't stop being Nervous Nellies!
as soon as
had as soon
had as lief
Just after; when; immediately after.
As soon as the temperature falls to 70, the furnace is turned on.
As soon as you finish your job let me know.
He will see you as soon as he can.
As soon as it started to snow, the children ran outside with big smiles on their faces.
I'm busy now, but I'll meet you as soon as I've finished this work.
as the crow flies
By the most direct way; along a straight line between two places.
It is seven miles to the next town as the crow flies, but it is ten miles by the road, which goes around the mountain.
believe in
To accept as true, have faith in.
Some people believe in being honest in all human affairs, while others accept the need to lie in order to get one’s way.
Throughout the history of man, some cultures have believed in one god while others have believed in the existence of many gods.
believe one's ears
To believe what one hears; trust one's hearing. Used with a negative or limiter, or in an interrogative or conditional sentence.
He thought he heard a horn blowing in the distance, but he could not believe his ears.
To be made sure of (something).
Is he really coming? I can hardly believe my ears.
believe one's eyes
To believe what one sees; trust one's eyesight. Used with a negative or limiter or in an interrogative or conditional sentence.
Is that a plane? Can I believe my eyes?
To be made sure of seeing something.
She saw him there but she could hardly believe her eyes.
butterflies in one's stomach
A queer feeling in the stomach caused by nervous fear or uncertainty; a feeling of fear or anxiety in the stomach.
Ощущение дискомфорта в организме из-за нервного напряжения, неопределенности, возбуждения или страха.
When Bob walked into the factory office to ask for a job, he had butterflies in his stomach.
My sister always has butterflies in her stomach before a test.
У моей сестры всегда мандраж перед тестом.
I have butterflies in my stomach every time I see her.
Я волнуюсь каждый раз, когда я вижу ее.
give the lie to
To call (someone) a liar.
The police gave the lie to the man who said that he had been at home during the robbery.
To show (something) to be false; prove untrue.
The boy's dirty face gave the lie to his answer that he had washed.