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Словосочетания со словом leg

College Boards
A set of examinations given to test a student's readiness and ability for college.
John got a high score on his College Boards.
College Boards test both what a student has learned and his ability to learn.
Simon Legree
A strict person, especially a boss, who makes others work very hard.
Don't talk on the job; the boss is a real Simon Legree.
Everybody avoids the foreman. He acts like a Simon Legree.
arm and a leg
An exorbitantly high price that must be paid for something that isn't really worth it.
It's true that to get a decent apartment these days in New York you have to pay an arm and a leg.
break a leg
Дословно: сломай ногу
Таким образом англоговорящие люди желают друг другу удачи. Это выражение – примерный эквивалент русского выражения "ни пуха, ни пера".
"Break a leg!" the director called to the lead actor.
"Ни пуха, ни пера!" крикнул режиссер главному актеру.
I’ve got an exam tomorrow.
Break a leg!
Thank you!
У меня завтра экзамен.
Ни пуха, ни пера!
К черту!
cost a bomb
cost an arm and a leg
To be extremely expensive.
Быть очень дорогостоящим.
My new house has cost us an arm and a leg and we're almost broke.
The house cost us an arm and a leg, but we have no regrets.
Этот дом стоил целое состояние, но мы не жалеем о покупке.
These shoes cost me an arm and a leg but they are awesome.
Эти туфли мне в копеечку влетели, но они потрясающие.
cow college
An agricultural college; a school where farming is studied.
A new, bigger kind of apple is being grown at the cow college.
A new or rural college not thought to be as good as older or city colleges.
John wanted to go to a big college in New York City, not to a cow college.
give somebody a leg up
Помогать кому-либо преодолевать трудности; помогать кому-либо преодолевать препятствия.
The wall is too high but if you give me a leg up I will climb over it easily.
Стена слишком высокая, но если ты мне поможешь, я смогу перебраться через нее.
go straight
get straight
go legit
To become an honest person; lead an honest life.
After the man got out of prison, he went straight.
Mr. Wright promised to go straight if the judge would let him go free.
To start practicing a legitimate business after having been operating outside of the law.
"The old days are over," the crime boss said to his friends. "We are going legit as of right now."