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Фразеологизмы со словами: know

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
A person who knows a little about something may think he knows it all and make bad mistakes. A proverb.
John has read a book on driving a car and now he thinks he can drive. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
before you know it
Sooner than one would expect.
Don't despair; we'll be finished with this work before you know it!
feel in one's bones
know in one's bones
To have an idea or feeling but not know why.
I feel in my hones that tomorrow will be a sunny day.
I know in my bones that God will protect us.
for all one knows
According to the information one has; probably.
For all we know, Ron and Beth might have eloped and been married in a French chateau.
God knows
goodness knows
heaven knows
heaven only knows
Lord knows
Maybe God knows but I don't know and no one else knows. Often used with "only".
Do you know where Susan is? God only knows!
Surely; certainly.
Goodness knows, the poor man needs the money.
Heaven only knows, I have tried hard enough.
in the know
Knowing about things that most people do not know about; knowing secrets or understanding a special subject.
Tina helped Professor Smith make some of the exam questions, and she felt important to be in the know.
In a print shop, Mr. Harvey is in the know, but in a kitchen he can't even cook an egg.
know a thing or two about
To be experienced in; have a fairly considerable knowledge of.
Иметь опыт в чем-либо; иметь существенные знания о чем-либо.
Tom has dealt with many foreign traders; he knows a thing or two about stocks and bonds.
Jack has been working as a mechanic for years, and he knows a thing or two about cars.
Джек работал механиком долгие годы, и он понимает, что к чему в машинах.
know enough to come in out of the rain
To have good sense; know how to take care of yourself. Usually used in the negative.
Bob does so many foolish things that his mother says he doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain.
Sally may look stupid, but she knows enough to come in out of the rain.