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Фразеологизмы со словами keep one's head

head above water
keep one's head above water
out of difficulty; clear of trouble.
How are your marks at school? Are you keeping your head above water?
Business at the store is bad. They can't keep their heads above water.
To remain solvent; manage to stay out of debt.
Держаться на плаву, справляться с трудностями.
Herb's income declined so drastically that he now has difficulty keeping his head above water.
We have so little money that we can hardly keep our heads above water.
У нас так мало денег, что мы едва справляемся.
keep one's head
keep one's wits about one
To stay calm when there is trouble or danger.
When Tim heard the fire alarm he kept his head and looked for the nearest exit.
When the heater caused a fire, Gloria kept her head and phoned for assistance right away; otherwise, the whole house might have burned down.
When the boat starting sinking in heavy seas, the crew members kept their heads and led the passengers to the lifeboats.
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