English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словами in order

in order to
so as to
For the purpose of; to. Used with an infinitive.
In order to follow the buffalo, the Indians often had to move their camps.
We picked apples so as to make a pie.
so that
in order
In arrangement; in the proper way of following one another.
Come to my desk in alphabetical order as I call your names.
Line up and walk to the door in order.
Name all the presidents in order.
in turn
See also:
put one#*#s house in orderset one#*#s house in order
In proper condition.
The car was in good working order when I bought it.
The club leader looked at the club treasurer's records of money collected and spent, and found them all in order.
in commissionput one#*#s house in order
Following the rules; proper; suitable.
Is it in order to ask the speaker questions at the meeting?
At the end of a program, applause for the performers is in order.
in place
out of order
put one's house in order
set one's house in order
To arrange your affairs in good order.
Организовывать свои дела в правильном, хорошем порядке.
Grandfather knew he would not live long and set his house in order.
When Mr. Black died, his lawyer helped the widow put her house in order.
The government should put its own house in order before telling other countries what to do.
Правительство должно привести в порядок свои дела, прежде чем указывать другим странам, что делать.
You’d better put your own house in order before telling me what to do.
Сначала бы сам навел порядок в своих делах, а потом бы говорил, что мне делать.
so that
in order that
For the purpose that. So that is usually followed by can or could; in order that is usually followed by may or might.
Let's get ready now so that we can leave when Father comes.
Betty saved her money in order that she might buy a doll.
in order to
With the result that; so.
My pencil fell under my desk, so that I couldn't see it.
George often told stories that weren't true, so that no one believed him when he told about a deer in the school yard.