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Словосочетания со словами in one's face

blow up in one's face
To fail completely and with unexpected force.
The thief's plan to rob the bank blew up in his face when a policeman stopped him.
in one's face
Against your face.
The trick cigar blew up in the clown's face.
A cold wind was in our faces as we walked to school.
In front of you.
The maid slammed the door in the salesman's face.
I told the boys that they were wrong, but they laughed in my face.
throw something in one's face
throw something in one's teeth
To blame a person for (something wrong); not allow someone to forget (a mistake or failure). Often used with back.
Bob came home late for dinner last week, and his mother keeps throwing it back in his face.
I made a mistake in the ball game and the boys keep throwing it back in my teeth.