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Фразеологизмы со словом ice

at one's service
Ready to serve or help you; prepared to obey your wish or command; subject to your orders.
He placed himself completely at the President's service.
"Now I am at your service," the dentist told the next patient.
Available for your use; at your disposal.
He put a car and chauffeur at the visitor's service.
at the top of one's voice
at the top of one's lungs
As loud as you can; with the greatest possible sound; very loudly.
He was singing at the top of his voice.
He shouted at the top of his lungs.
big as life
large as life
big as life and twice as natural
The same size as the living person or thing.
The statue of Jefferson was big as life.
In person; real and living.
I had not seen him for years, but there he was, big as life and twice as natural.
blood runs cold
blood freezes
blood turns to ice
make one's blood run cold
freeze one's blood
You are chilled or shivering from great fright or horror; you are terrified or horrified. Usually used with a possessive.
Быть очень сильно испуганным, ужаснуться; состояние когда "кровь застыла в жилах".
The horror movie made the children's blood run cold.
Mary's blood froze when she had to walk through the cemetery at night.
Oscar's blood turned to ice when he saw the shadow pass by outside the window.
The look in the prisoner's eyes made my blood run cold.
От взгляда в глаза заключенного у меня кровь в жилах застыла.
The thought of the damage such a bomb could do made my blood run cold.
У меня кровь стынет в жилах при мысли о том, какие разрушения могла бы вызвать эта бомба.
box office
The place at movies and theaters where tickets may be purchased just before the performance instead of having ordered them through the telephone or having bought them at a ticket agency.
No need to reserve the seats; we can pick them up at the box office.
A best selling movie, musical, or drama (where the tickets are all always sold out and people line up in front of the box office).
John Wayne's last movie was a regular box office.
Anything successful or well liked.
Betsie is no longer box office with me.
break the ice
To conquer the first difficulties in starting a conversation, getting a party going, or making an acquaintance.
Преодолеть чувство неловкости в начале беседы; начать общение.
To break the ice Ted spoke of his interest in mountain climbing, and they soon had a conversation going.
Some people use an unusual thing, such as an unusual piece of jewelry, to break the ice.
To break the ice Ted spoke of his interest in mountain climbing, and they soon had a conversation going.
В качестве первого шага к знакомству Тед рассказал о своем увлечении альпинизмом, и так они вскоре разговорились.
To be the first person or team to score in a game.
The Wolves broke the ice with a touchdown.
burnt child dreads the fire
once bitten, twice shy
A person who has suffered from doing something has learned to avoid doing it again. A proverb.
Once Mary had got lost when her mother took her downtown. But a burnt child dreads the fire, so now Mary stays close to her mother when they are downtown.
by choice
As a result of choosing because of wanting to; freely.
John helped his father by choice.
Mary ate a plum, but not by choice. Her mother told her she must eat it.