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Фразеологизмы со словом horse

back the wrong horse
To support a loser.
In voting for George Bush, voters in 1992 were backing the wrong horse.
bet on the wrong horse
bet the wrong horse
To base your plans on a wrong guess about the result of something; misread the future; misjudge a coming event.
Дословно: поставить не на ту лошадь.
Обмануться в ожиданиях или расчетах.
To count on the small family farm as an important thing in the American future now looks like betting on the wrong horse.
He expected Bush to be elected President in 1992 but as it happened, he bet on the wrong horse.
When I voted for him, I was convinced he would win, but I betted the wrong horse!
Когда я голосовал за него, то был полностью уверен, что он выиграет, но ошибся в выборе!
put cart before the horse
get cart before the horse
have cart before the horse
Things in wrong order; something backwards or mixed up. An overused expression. Usually used with put but sometimes with get or have.
When the salesman wanted money for goods he hadn't delivered, I told him he was putting the cart before the horse.
To get married first and then get a job is getting the cart before the horse.
change horses in the middle of a stream
change horses in midstream
To make new plans or choose a new leader in the middle of an important activity.
When a new President is to be elected during a war, the people may decide not to change horses in the middle of a stream.
dark horse
A political candidate little known to the general voting public; a candidate who was not expected to run.
Every once in a while a dark horse candidate gets elected President.
eat like a horse
To eat a lot; eat hungrily.
The harvesters worked into the evening, and then came in and ate like horses.
hold one's horses
To stop; wait; be patient. Usually used as a command. May be considered rude.
Остановиться, быть терпеливым. Обычно используется в повелительном наклонении. Имеет оттенок грубости или фамильярности.
"Hold your horses!" Mr. Jones said to David when David wanted to call the police.
Don’t make a quick decision. Hold your horses.
Не принимай поспешных решений. Потерпи.
Not true; I don't believe what you're saying.
"Horsefeathers!" Brad cried. "I can't believe a word of what you said about Jessica."
Exclamation of disgust.
"Horsefeathers!" Fred cried. "We've just missed the bus."