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Словосочетания со словом ham

champ at the bit
To be eager to begin; be tired of being held back; want to start.
The horses were champing at the bit, anxious to start racing.
As punishment John was kept after school for two hours. He was champing at the bit to go out.
champagne taste on a beer budget
Жить не по средствам.
Oh, those Jimmy Choos are gorgeous! I must have them, I must! - You've got a champagne taste on a beer budget.
Те туфли от Джимми Чу просто чудесны! Я должна их купить, обязательно! - Твои вкусы явно расходятся с твоим бюджетом.
for shame
Shame on you; you should be ashamed of yourself. An exclamation no longer in common use, having been largely replaced by shame on you.
"For shame, John, taking the toy from your baby brother!"
go at it hammer and tongs
To attack or fight with great strength or energy; have a bad argument.
Bill slapped George's face and now they're going at it hammer and tongs in back of the house.
Helen and Mary have been arguing all day, and now they are going at it hammer and tongs again.
To start or do something with much strength, energy, or enthusiasm.
The farmer had to chop down a tree and he went at it hammer and tongs.
Charles had a lot of homework to do and he went at it hammer and tongs till bedtime.
go under the hammer
To be auctioned off.
Our old family paintings went under the hammer when my father lost his job.
ham actor
An untalented actor; someone who tries so hard to act that his performance becomes foolishly exaggerated.
Fred is a ham actor who, instead of memorizing his lines, keeps moving around in a ridiculous way.
ham it up
To do more than look natural in acting a part; pretend too much; exaggerate.
When Tom told the teacher he was too sick to do homework, he really hammed it up.
The old-fashioned movies are funny to us because the players hammed it up.
Compare:lay it on
Having very large hands.
Pete is a big, ham-handed man who used to be a football player.
Indelicate. Clumsy.See: HEAVY-HANDED.