English Puzzle
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Фразеологизмы со словом green

blue around the gills
green around the gills
pale around the gills
yellow around the gills
pink around the gills
white around the gills
Pale-faced from fear or sickness; sickly; nauseated.
Also used with other prepositions besides around, as about, at, under, and with other colors, as blue, pink, yellow, white.
Иметь бледное лицо от страха или болезни; болезненный; тошнотворный.
Bill's father took him for a ride in his boat while the waves were rough, and when he came back he was green around the gills.
You should sit down. You look a bit blue around the gills.
Тебе следует присесть. Ты выглядишь неважно.
The car almost hit Mary crossing the street, and she was yellow around the gills because it came so close.
Машина чуть не сбила Мэри, когда она переходила улицу, и девушка побледнела от страха потому, что машина проехала так близко.
get the go-ahead
the green light
get the green light
To receive the permission or signal to start or to proceed.
Получить разрешение или сигнал для начала работы.
We had to wait until we got the go-ahead on our research project.
We got the green light to begin a study of the security problems at our school.
Мы получили добро начать исследование проблем безопасности в нашей школе.
grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
grass is always greener on the other side of the hill
We are often not satisfied and want to be somewhere else; a place that is far away or different seems better than where we are.
Мы часто не удовлетворены текущим положением вещей и хотим быть в другом месте; место, которое далеко и кажется лучше чем то где мы сейчас находимся - лучше там где нас нет.
John is always changing his job because the grass always looks greener to him on the other side of the fence.
The man believes that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and he always wants to change jobs.
Человек верит, что трава всегда зеленее по ту сторону забора, и он всегда хочет сменить работу.
green belt
Полоса зеленых насаждений вокруг городских построек.
Our city has a policy to increase the green belt around the city.
Мы получили установку расширить полосу зеленых насаждений вокруг города.
green power
The social prestige or power money can buy one.
In American political elections the candidates that win are usually the ones who have green power backing them.
green thumb
A talent for gardening; ability to make things grow. Considered trite by many.
Человек, у которого талант к садоводству, к выращиванию растений. Считается банальным выражением.
Mr. Wilson's neighbors say his flowers grow because he has a green thumb.
My neighbor has a green thumb and she is able to grow one of the best gardens in our neighborhood.
У моей соседки настоящий талант к садоводству, она может вырастить самый лучший сад во всей округе.
green with envy
Very jealous; full of envy.
Alice's girlfriends were green with envy when they saw her new dress.
The other boys were green with envy when Joe bought a second-hand car.
green-eyed monster
green-eyed monster
Jealousy; envy.
When John's brother got the new bicycle, the green-eyed monster made John fight with him.