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Словосочетания со словом grace

as graceful as a swan
дословно: изящный, грациозный как лебедь
Об очень изящном, грациозном человеке.
The figure skater is as graceful as a swan.
Фигуристка грациозна, как лебедь.
day of grace
An extension period after the due date of some contract or bond.
The premium is due on the first of each month, but they allow ten days of grace.
fall from grace
To go back to a bad way of behaving; do something bad again.
The boys behaved well during dinner until they fell from grace by eating their dessert with their fingers instead of their forks.
The boy fell from grace when he lied.
grace period
period of grace
The time or extra time allowed in which to do something.
Most insurance companies have a grace period of one month for payments.
The teacher gave the class a week's period of grace to finish workbooks.
in one's bad graces
Not approved by; not liked by.
John was in his mother's bad graces because he spilled his milk on the tablecloth.
Don got in the bad graces of the teacher by laughing at her hat.
down onin bad
in one#*#s good graces
in one's good graces
in one's good books
Approved of by you; liked by someone.
Быть на хорошем счету или в милости у кого-либо.
Ruth is in her mother's good graces because she ate all her supper.
Bill is back in the good graces of his girlfriend because he gave her a box of candy.
I’m in my superior’s good book.
Я на хорошем счету у моего начальника.
in good
in one#*#s bad graces
saving grace
A single good attribute; a redeeming quality.
Felicity is not very attractive but her intelligence and wit are her saving grace.
with bad grace
with a bad grace
In an unpleasant or discourteous way; unwillingly.
Fred takes defeat with bad grace.
Tom shouted "Hello" to Bill. Bill was in a sour mood and replied with a bad grace.
with good grace