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Словосочетания со словами give way

give way to
To make room for; allow to go or pass; yield to.
John gave way to the old lady and let her pass.
To allow to decide.
Mrs. Rogers gave way to her husband in buying the car.
To lose control of (your feelings), not hold back.
Timmy gave way to his feelings when his dog died.
To be replaced by.
Radio has given way to television in popularity.
When she saw the clowns, the little girl's tears gave way to laughter.
give way
To go back; retreat.
The enemy army is giving way before the cannon fire.
Compare:fall back
To make room, get out of the way.
The children gave way and let their mother through the door.
Compare:make way
To lose control of yourself; lose your courage or hope; yield.
Mrs. Jones didn't give way during the flood, but she was very frightened.
To collapse; fail.
The river was so high that the dam gave way.
Mary's legs gave way and she fainted.
To let yourself be persuaded; give permission.
Billy kept asking his mother if he could go to the movies and she finally gave way.
Compare:give in