English Puzzle
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Словосочетания со словом get

band together
To join a group to exert united force.
The inhabitants of the ecologically threatened area banded together to stop the company from building new smokestacks.
be back on one's feet
get back on one's feet
To once again become financially solvent; regain one's former status and income, or health.
Снова на ногах; снова стать платежеспособным; восстановить прежнюю форму, статус или здоровье; оправиться от какой-либо беды или несчастья.
Max got back on his feet soon after his open heart surgery. Tom's business was ruined due to the inflation, but he got back on his feet again.
My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.
Моя мама снова на ногах после двухнедельной болезни.
Our teacher was back on her feet shortly after the car accident.
Наша учительница была снова на ногах вскоре после аварии.
be into something
get into something
To have taken something up partly as a nobby, partly as a serious interest of sorts (basically resulting from the new consciousness and self-realization movement that originated in the late Sixties).
Roger's wife is into women's liberation and women's consciousness.
Did you know that Syd is seriously into transcendental meditation?
Jack found out that his teenage son is into pot smoking and gave him a serious scolding.
What sports are you into? I don’t have any time to get into sports.
be on the ball
get on the ball
have on the ball
Paying attention and doing things well. Used after is or get.
Ben is really on the ball in school.
The coach told Jim he must get on the ball or he cannot stay on the team.
Jim was the only one who caught that serious error in the bookkeeping statements. He’s really on the ball.
Ella was certainly on the ball when she remembered to reconfirm our flight arrangements. All the rest of us would have forgotten.
John will succeed in life; he has a lot on the ball.
The coach was eager to try out his new team and see what they had on the ball.
get with itheads-upkeep one#*#s eye on the ball
be out from under
get out from under
Free from something that worries you; seeing the end; finished.
Mary had so much to do in the new house she felt as though she would never be out from under.
John had so many debts, he couldn't get out from under.
After years of struggling to get ahead, the young couple finally got out from under their debts.
The ailing company, succeeding in obtaining the necessary cash, was able to get out from under its financial burdens.
birds of a feather flock together
People who are alike often become friends or are together; if you are often with certain people, you may be their friends or like them. A proverb.
Don't be friends with bad boys. People think that birds of a feather flock together.
bog down
to get bogged down
To stop progressing; to slow to a halt.
Work on the new building bogged down, because the contractor didn't deliver the needed concrete blocks.
To become entangled with a variety of obstacles making your efforts unproductive or unsatisfying.
The novelist wrote tittle last summer because she got bogged down in housework.
To be immobilized in mud, snow, etc.; slow down.
Our research got bogged down for a lack of appropriate funding.
Don't get bogged down in too much detail when you write an action story.
burn one's fingers
get one's fingers burned
To get in trouble doing something and fear to do it again; learn caution through an unpleasant experience.
Попасть однажды в трудную ситуацию, и боятся снова попасть в такое-же положение.
He had burned his fingers in the stock market once, and didn't want to try again.
Some people can't be told; they have to burn their fingers to learn.
My father burned his fingers in the stock market and he does not want to invest money there again.
Мой отец обжег руки на рынке ценных бумаг и не хочет больше вкладывать туда деньги.
He got his fingers so badly burnt in the last elections that he decided to withdraw from politics.
Он так обжегся на предыдущих выборах, что решил уйти из политики.