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Словосочетания со словом friend

a friend in need is a friend indeed
A genuine friend on whom one can always depend. A proverb; often shortened to a friend in need...
Друг познается в беде.
When John's house burned down, his neighbor Jim helped him and his family with shelter, food and clothing. John said, "Jim, a friend in need is a friend indeed - this describes you."
Когда дом Джона сгорел, его сосед Джим помог ему и его семье, дав им крышу над головой, еду и одежду. Джон сказал: "Джим, друг познается в беде – эта фраза описывает тебя".
bosom friend
A very close friend; an old buddy with whom one has a confidential relationship.
Очень близкий друг; друг, с которым человек состоит в очень близких доверительных отношениях.
Sue and Jane have been bosom friends since their college days.
Сью и Джейн – близкие друзья со времен университета.
A male friend or companion.
"John and his boyfriends have gone to the ball game," said his mother.
A girl's steady date, a woman's favorite man friend; a male lover or sweetheart.
Jane's new boyfriend is a senior in high school.
girl friend
fair-weather friend
A person who is a friend only when you are successful.
Человек, который ведет себя как друг, только когда у вас все хорошо; ненадежный друг.
Everyone knows that John's only a fair-weather friend.
Все знают, что Джон всего лишь ненадежный друг.
I thought I could count on Bill, but I've discovered he's just a fair-weather friend.
Я думал, что могу рассчитывать на Билла, но выяснилось что он рядом только тогда когда все хорошо.
A fair weather friend isn't much help in an emergency.
Ненадежный друг не многим поможет в экстренной ситуации.
friends with
Friendly to; a friend of.
Alice found several girls to be friends with on the first day of school.
At first I didn't like John, but now I am friends with him.
girl friend
A female friend or companion.
Jane is spending the night at her girlfriend's house.
A boy's steady girl; the girl or woman partner in a love affair; girl; sweetheart.
John is taking his girl friend to the dance.
lady friend
A woman friend.
His aunt stays with a lady friend in Florida during the winter.
A woman who is the lover of a man. Used by people trying to appear more polite, but not often used by careful speakers.
The lawyer took his lady friend to dinner.
make friends
To become friends; form a friendship; to become friendly with others.
Заводить друей; формировать круг дружелюбия.
Mrs. Jones invited Bobby to her home to play with Don. She hoped that they would make friends with each other.
You can make friends with an elephant by giving him peanuts.
Вы можете подружиться со слоном, угощая его арахисом.
Patricia is a shy girl and doesn't make friends easily.
During the cruise Ronald made friends with almost everyone on the ship.